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Our Vision & Values

Our vision is for every talented musician to have a full-time income doing the work they love and are best at by being a part of a music business they're proud of – this starts with empowering performance musicians who are passionate about building business at

About is an education company focused on helping performance musicians build world-class music businesses by connecting them to industry-leading resources and an inspiring community of peers.


We believe that your environment is the biggest driver of change – that's why we focus on fostering fun high-standard communities that challenge and inspire our members.


Hanging out is great, but the true litmus test of a great community is the measurable results. This is why we also focus on the metrics of the craft – leads, sales, etc.

Big Ideas

Small gets small. We're not about thinking in the ways we've been told. Goals are hard no matter what, might as well make them big!

Longterm Thinking

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. We're all about long-term strategies and thinking that produce long-term results. 


We're all about clear, honest, candid conversations. Everybody has wins and lessons to share that benefit the community as a whole.


We all want to focus on our music, which means we're not looking to be fancy with everything else. What's the simplest way to achieve an outcome? That's the filter we use when helping each other. was born out of the experience of Allison Legendre, a musician turned music-founder who exited her music agency business to embark on a mission to help more musicians do what they're best at, by creating communities designed to shortcut their success.

When Allison started her agency in 2015, she knew how to get her musicians booked for performances they loved. What she didn't know was how to create a market leading brand, pricing strategy, lead a team, or replace herself in the day-to-day operations while being profitable.

Allison has since exited her agency -  but what happened in between? Allison discovered the practical power of communities and masterminds which unlocked the right environments to reach those goals. The balance between profit, happy musicians, and happy clients.

The experience of finding those communities with people passionate about the same shared goals and interests proved to be life-changing. Because of this, she created a community for performance musicians and music-founders.

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