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This is what is. It's the community you've been missing to help you build a music performance business you're truly proud of. 


Joining gives you immediate access to a community of artists who are going through the same things as you, and experts and mentors who can help.


Think of it as a knowledge base that feels like hanging out with friends. Ask hard-to-ask questions, find hard-to-find answers, and share in other artists' best wins and hard-won lessons.


If you've been looking to connect with an inspiring like-minded community, you've found your people.

It takes more than talent for an artist to create a meaningful community around their work – it takes learning to run a business.

The problem is that assembling all the moving parts to create a music performance business alone is, at best tedious and, at worst, completely hopeless.

That's because if there's one thing all great artists have in common, it's that they didn't get there on their own; they had a team - a community - of supportive experts, mentors and peers.

No Great Artist Was Ever Made Alone..

Join the private network for pro musicians.

A highly vetted community for professional performance musicians in the event industry.

Think You're a Fit?

Click the button to explore our free community and apply for membership.

Amy Serrano

Founder of

Amy Serrano Music

Electric Violinist

Logan Thomas

Founder of

Logan Thomas Music


Sadiki & Elasea

Founders of

Acute Inflections 

Jazzy R&B Duo

Moses Lin

Founder of Moses Lin Music

Fingerstyle Cover Guitarist

Alison Suell

Founder of


Acoustic and Electric Strings for Events

Roger Harrison

Founder of

Harrison Jazz Ensemble  Jazz Ensemble Expert

Tyler Varnell

Founder of Tyler Varnell Productions

DJ Emcee Sax Specalist

Allison Legendre

Founder of 

Musician Community Expert



Founder of

Mariachi Amor

Mariachi Band Expert

Grace Snippe

The operator of

Grace Notes

String Quartet

Musicwork Members Run

World-Class Music Performance Businesses

Some of us perform for destination weddings, others corporate events or local shows — but all of us are passionate about creating a meaningful community around our work, by collaborating with the best minds in the industry.

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